Prescription Refills

Refills for long-term medications will be authorized during regular office hours. Please allow enough time (we ask for 2 weeks, if possible) before medications run out so that we can easily call these into your pharmacy. Thank you.

Hospital Service

I am on the Active Medical Staff of The Bloomsburg Hospital and have admitting privileges there. Due to the changing nature of heatlhcare in the United States, I generally rely on hospital-based specialists to care for my patients while they are in the hospital. If the need arises, I am kept up to date with your care while you are in the hospital. I receive prompt documentation to continue your care as an outpatient upon your discharge. Consultations and referrals are made appropriately.



All medical information derived from our professional relationship is held in the strictest confidence. It cannot be released by myself or my office staff without your specific permission.

Consultation Policy

In some instances, I will recommend a consultation with another physician.  Our office staff will offer assistance in setting up referrals and we will make available all necessary information to the consultant to prevent duplication of services.  It is usually best for you to come to our office first for all your medical concerns. This is so I can expedite your care, prevent duplication of services and help keep your costs down. 

Professional Fees

Our Fees Are Fair. They are about the same as those of other qualified doctors in this area, and they're high enough to cover the expenses of running a quality health care practice.  Please tell us - is this the kind of payment policy that sounds fair to you?

  • We never put money ahead of peoples' health.  All we ask is that you be honest about your financial situation as you are about your medical needs.  Tell our financial counselor up front just how you stand financially and we will do everything we can to help you.  Most health care practices work exactly the same way, so it is only people who try to deceive the doctor who end up feeling ashamed to ask for medical attention when they really need it.

  • We do not like to send bills.  Typing, record keeping, postage...it all costs money that we have to figure into our fees.  To keep these costs down, we ask people to pay charges not covered by insurance at the time they receive the service.

  • We are now accepting assignment on all procedures and office visits for major insurances, Blue Shield and Medicare.  As a service, DFP will submit your insurance form to your insurance company.  Any services not covered by your insurance will be billed to you directly and you will be responsible for payment.

If you ever have any questions or comments about our fees or insurance procedures, please feel free to speak to our financial counselor.

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